Superbowl Weekend

In addition to being an avid skier I am a football fan.

When I was young, I played the game with my brother and the kid next door. I recall some fairly serious games on the playground in grade school too. I took a few snaps and I was surprised how different it is when there is a determined rush. One of my playmates told me he thought I handled the pressure wel, I dunno.

In any event, that is the summary of my football career.

I never received my doctor’s clearance to play football as I was very skinny when I was young. Even though, I am okay with watching football; I lack the perspective to really enjoy watching the game. I had a buddy who was a kicker for the Florida Gators and when we would watch Packer games he was very good at explaining the details only a player (albeit former) or a coach could appreciate, not surprising as we were both teachers.

I am faced with the same choice this weekend I had to make last year: stay home and get pumped up for the Superbowl or go up north and ski?. The only conceivable way the former would win out is if the Green Bay Packers are playing in The Superbowl. I suppose, if I knew someone playing I would do the same too. Don’t think that too far a stretch, quite regularly I hear of local men in the NFL, usually playing on one line or the other.

Not only do I have first hand perspective of skiing I still ski regularly. Who knows, maybe Apres Ski on Sunday, we’ll visit some friends and watch the game? However, it is not a priority. Skiing wins and if I am able to watch the superbowl I will otherwise I will sit in front of the fire with my wife and my father.

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