Laurenne Ross Is Okay

Laurenne Ross is Okay
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From The U.S. Ski Team on Facebook:

Laurenne Ross suffered facial cuts but all else OK after crash into nets in Lake Louise DH. Drop her a note of best wishes.

I did not see the event as it happened, but I did see replays of the event which you can see here:

The accident occurs about 23 seconds into the video.

In fact, if you are looking at the same video image I see this is the moment Laurenne loses it and from that image, she is obviously in trouble.

Nothing is obvious as to what happens, the video is close and tight on Laurenne, but Picabo notes that Laurenne hit some irregularity on the course and put her out of control, and at the speeds these women are skiing lapses of control can get you intro trouble very quickly.

I remember skiing once, the skiing was late in the season and the snow cover on the hill was very soft and irregular. I was skiing down a hot run and on a headwall and half the headwall was covered with moguls. I was headed for the moguls and went to turn away form those moguls. I caught a ski edge and that caused me to keep going straight for that mogul field. Fortunately, I was able to pull the errant ski back in time and reestablish control and make the turn I needed. However, at that time I was not skiing 60 mph but probably more like 20 mph or so.

While the thoughts at these times are not very well put together they are certainly focused on Oh-Oh! Here is to Laurenne’s speedy return to the slopes!

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