That Four Letter Word in the Forecast

The sweet snow
The Sweet Snow!

What four letter word is that?

I can not ski on it and so it is now a four letter word. The weather is being goofy of late (what else is new). We had a nice day on Tuesday, but later on a front moved through and at the edge of that front was turbulent weather. I noticed the front arriving and was looking at it.

The clouds on the edge of the front had an odd and distinct shaping to it. The very front had a formation that resembled the head of a soaring vulture searching out carrion. I could see a head, a beak, eyes, and then the start of the body with wings spread out. Right behind that, appeared another formation shaped like the underside of an oblong bowl. The bowl formation was as smooth and well formed as the vulture formation was jagged and irregular.

I kept my eyes on that formation for sometime and apparently for a reason, for at a little after that a tornado was spotted near our house, and as far as I can figure it was that very cloud formation that spouted the tornado. However, I did not see any funnel clouds or rotating cloud formations. The tornado was reported to the Southwest of Appleton and around Larsen. I can ride my bike to Larsen in about 35 minutes. The storm was tracking from the Southwest to the Northeast and so Appleton was put under a tornado warning. Technically we were too, but I disregarded it because I “knew” where the tornado formed. I kept my eyes open to the West and continued to be alert to the weather for while afterwards. In addition, I called up family that live to the East of us and made sure they were aware of foul weather about.

Yesterday, was windy and bone dry. When I got out of bed, the relative humidity was in the single digits and wind speeds gusted up into the 40 mph range. My picket fence screening our topside woodpile tore apart. Oh well, I was in the process of moving the wood to behind our house so instead of moving just one face yesterday, I moved and stacked the last two face cords.

Tomorrow, they are talking snow. Bloody weather!

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