Updated Wisconsin Skier!

the New Wisconsin Skier

Welcome to the updated Wisconsin Skier!

The New Wisconsin SkierThis upgrade includes a number of improvements and new features. First the site is more flexible than before and I am able to add or change functionality much more quickly and easily than before. More importantly, the site now presents random posts, popular posts, and puts a search function front and center. I have been writing posts for years now and once they scroll off the front page they are mostly forgotten. Now, they will make random appearances for your reading pleasure.

Images are going to be problematic for a while, my focus on adding imagery to each and every post is a relatively new thing so many of the posts will not have images. However, as time goes on I will add images to the posts. I have altered the categories and permalink structures too, fortunately, the category changes should have no discernible affects on your experience and I will take measures to ensure any links are not broken.

I hope these changes make The Wisconsin Skier web-ezine an easier and more pleasurable experience for you!

Good Stuff!

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  1. Love your re vamped site Wisconsin Skier!
    Very cool and thanks so much for the midwest coverage. Big year for Granite Peak and Lutsen improvements and I hope to see more runs and lodging at my favorite Shred Zones.

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