Ski Dream meets Ski Reality

Ski Dreaming
Ski Dreaming!

Ski Dream becomes reality depicted on the left
Ski Dream becomes reality depicted on the left
A recurring night dream I have is I am at a resort and I handle all of the trails with aplomb. I charge down the steeps and tame the wild snow (chopped up and deep powder). However, previously I have lived short of those dreams often shying away from the steepest runs at one of the resorts I ski regularly. No more, my ski reality finally has met my ski dream and I laid cold steel to the steepest of the runs I frequent and did so with ease and confidence.

Early in the season I skied Granite Peak with a buddy and on a couple of runs we went down I side-slipped about half way down and then let go. I told my buddy I would be insulting my manhood hours after leaving the place and I did just that. However, when I recently returned to the resort I skied down all of those runs (except for the bump run and yes I am also insulting myself again) staying well in control and it was quite a bit of exhilarating fun. The steep runs were needed as the runoffs at this resort are long, flat, and given the weather very slow. Next time I will stay tighter to the fall line from further up.

However, my deep and wild snow skiing requires the same progression. A few of the runs had artificial moguls built and on one of those runs they had them extend well onto the flats, so I jumped in and worked them a bit. It was awkward but as long as I keep at it I reckon I will become more fluid and comfortable in them. I have skied in chopped snow a fair amount and in general I do so-so with that and it usually depends on my current mindset.

It was all about keeping at it and getting some instruction from a very good ski buddy of mine. My skiing down those runs were not perfect, as I know I was a-framing and I know for sure I was leading turns with my upper body, but my skiing has definitely improved this year and it has me jazzed up for next year a year I am feeling very confident about getting to some destination ski resorts.

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  1. Glad to hear you are shredding the real deal runs at Granite Peak WI Ski Man! I still side step due to the speed that the hill can produce but like you….every run takes me closer to the goal of Peak Domination.

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