The 2010-2011 Ski Season

No, I am still not ready to forget about sunshine, warmth, our garden, our yard, and so on. However, let us face facts, for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere temperate zone realize winter is not all that far away, at the moment I do not view winter with the same enthusiasm as many of my fellow ski industry friends do. I could deal with some more of those never-ending days and temperatures in the 90° F range. Yes, you heard me right on that one.

I have always been a person who has been pretty happy right where I am at.
Do not read too much into that. However, right the weather is warm and sunny and that suits me fine (along with most people in the world) and in about five months it will be cold, dark, and snowy; right now it seems frightening but when it is on us, it is no more than just another day. Go UpNorth on the weekend, ski my brains out, come home, work, and repeat. The work week will be the usual (or new, we’ll see) and I’ll be either onsite or working out of home. I’ll fire up my wood fireplace in the morning (if home) or when I return. Have dinner with my lovely wife and sit in front of the fire with her.

To be honest for a large number of people I don’t see how my winter program differs from their summer program. If winter is too cold, summer is too hot. The griping causes people to miss out on way to much quality time. Get out and quit the griping about too cold or too hot or too humid, prepare for it (dress, eat, and drink appropriately) but get out!

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