Who Owns @WisSkier?

Eric Hoffman (@Eric_Hoffman) tweets this article of his:

“Ownership” of Social Media Accounts http://su.pr/1BUEas

This is a very good suggestion.

I have talked about this with clients and the need for it and one even got a gentle real life lesson. I purchased a domain for them on the quick, then transferred the existing website over to a hosting account of mine. Then a member of the group stepped up and volunteered to take the site over and introduced me to the world of freeware CMSs (in this case Geeklog the former CMS this site ran on). He maintained the site for sometime and then for whatever reason he stopped maintaining the site and then the logon credentials were lost. No amount of badgering (and this fellow proved hard to contact) were able to get the credentials from him and then even when we did they did not work. There was no bad feelings or ill will but just difficulty. Eventually, I pulled the plug on the site and pointed the domain back at my hosting. I set up a new site and away we go!

The fellow who formerly hosted the site could had some window to post whatever he wanted and if he were angry at the organization he could have put up some damaging posts and the like. He did not but good computer system security prevents that. What can be done to improve on all of this? The client can accept ownership of the domain and be completely in charge of it.

When you create an account for your business make sure your business is in charge of it and make sure if you have employees doing this on a personal basis you set up the situation that they do so as a part of their employment and you can get a judgment if that employee goes rogue. It happens.

I asked Eric if he knew of any bad stories regarding rogue employees and social media accounts and he knew of none (at least none he was willing to divulge) but there is an interesting story of a rogue employee taking over an important account.

Good Stuff!

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