The Klout Uncertainity Principle

I am set up on and periodically check my Klout score. While I think the score is reasonable I found something odd about it.

I first became aware of and started following my Klout score sometime last winter. Even then, I found an odd pattern to the rise and fall of my Klout score.

What pattern is that? Seemingly the less I pay attention to my Klout score, the higher it runs. In fact, the less interaction I carry on the higher my Klout score is. When I started waking this ski site up again from its summer content and doldrums I noticed I had a surprisingly high Klout score, but after I started to monitor my Klout score I noticed it started to fall. I know some of you jokers out there will point the implication of that, but I ignore that! Yes, even though my Klout is higher the less I publish, I will continue to publish and interact! Ha-ha-HA!

However, when I hardly put out any material here, when I hardly tweet or interact with Twitter, when I completely ignore Klout, and keep my FB to strictly personal matters my Klout score rises. When I start to pay attention to Klout and other Social Media and outlets my Klout Score goes down. I wonder if this is like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle — I will call the Observed Klout Principle:

The more you pay attention to your Klout Score the Lower it Goes!

The lesson, don’t pay attention to your Klout score and go on as normal!

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