It’s Bode Miller Time

Bode Skis Gates, Do You?
Bode Skis Gates, Do You? (image source Wikipedia)

Bode Miller Time
Bode Miller (source Wikipedia)
It is Bode Miller Time and Bode Miller is back on the US Ski team again racing for Team USA! Many detest Bode for his flip attitude towards the Olympics. He parties at the games, so what? Bode is not that smart but he skis at world-class level.

Its Bode Miller Time — What Will He Say Next?

Bode Miller is prone to say interesting things. Bode has some interesting thoughts on the use of performance enhancing drugs in downhill skiing. Not certain he is going to win many converts, but it is an exercise in thought.

Of course, there is the whole thing about his flip attitude towards the Olympics and what comes out of his mouth when talking about that. I have some agreement with him on this point, after all these folks are skiing from October into April every year, most of his critics probably only pay attention to skiing once very four years.

The Olympic games are not worthy of a reverent attitude, Google up the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and you will see why.

Its Bode Miller Time — His Skiing

Well he has won Olympic medals and makes occasional appearances on the World Cup podiums so of course he is a good skier. However, he is not the best skier we have, Ted Ligety is much more consistent on the men’s side and of course we have Lyndsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin who perform much more consistently than Bode. However, none of them can finish a race with the same touch as Bode can!

Bode earns his way on the US SKi Team and skis with the best in the world. Bode is inconsistent but he is fun to watch!

Its Bode Miller Time — What Do You Think?

What do you think of Bode Miller?

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