Sunshine Village — The Take of Bubby Natas

Editor’s Note: Bubby Natas is my evil twin and a column by “Bubby Natas” will express thoughts against the side I take. Essentially the con thoughts against the position I mulled before taking a side.

Mark has graciously allowed me to write a piece on the Sunshine Village labor brawl. I do not agree with Mark that the ski patroller’s are right. Who is right? I don’t know, however, it should be abundantly clear to anyone paying attention to this story we have only heard one side of the conflict and that makes any decision on who is right premature.

More Than One Story to Hear

The only stories we have heard so far are those from the fired individuals. Sunshine Ski Village is not offering any story, one assumes they saw the lawsuits coming and kept their mouths shut on the case and their legal representation is also telling them to do so as well.

I know, the story we hear sounds very clear, no? All one sided stories do, and anyone older than 12 years old should understand all parties offering a story on events should be heard. Does this mean Sunshine’s story is compelling? The wise person would wait until making that judgment one way or the other. A person not telling a story does not mean they do not have a story to tell.

Neither Might nor “Not-Might” make Right

Stories like this often get cast in the light of the little guy vs. the big guy with most people leaping to the conclusion that the little guy is always right. That makes no more sense than believing might makes right all the time.

Story Behind the Story

Often times when I hear of someone getting into trouble for trifling matters I wonder if there are other factors in play here. Perhaps there is some is unrevealed trouble we are not being told and neither party wants to discuss it for some reason? At a place I worked this was a very common situation, person X does something but the boss doesn’t want to make something known, so they comb the records for some infraction they can cite as the reason for firing.

The Courts Are the Place for a Trial not the Media

Right now, this case is being tried in the media.

Courts are the proper place for trials and not the media. The media has no responsibility to seek the truth and no real accountability for when they get things wrong. Courts on the other hand are responsible for getting at the truth and if a judge messes up they can be removed from their position. Try telling the media to go away after they mess up a story, it isn’t happening.

Facebook Innuendo is No More Reliable Than Good Ole Fashion Rumor and Innuendo

Reading the Facebook group setup for the Ski Patrollers I see a lot of people talking how the whole family has a sense of entitlement and drops the do you know who I am bomb frequently. Maybe you ran into them, maybe you are making it up. I am guessing all such would be laughed out of court, even if the testimony applies to the case. Anyone can say anything to you personally and physically, however over the Internet it becomes even easier for them to make stuff up.

The Sharp Tine

Mark made it clear his support of the Ski Patrollers is based on published newspaper reports (namely The Calgary Sun) and assuming the facts there are correct. I say it is too early to make any decision, because not all of the facts are yet known.

Good Stuff!

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