Ski Patroller Trolling Part Two

I address the other comment castigating myself for the article I put up on the Sunshine Ski Village labor crisis.

I am not aware if it is possible to link directly to that exchange, you have to go onto to the Support Ski Patrol wronged by Sunshine Village Ski Resort Facebook page and scroll back to the period of time I published the piece.

Essentially, the criticism is sillier than Red Panda’s comment and that criticism in summary is: How dare you speak of volunteer ski patrollers in the same breath as professional ones.

I brought up the volunteer ski patrollers (i.e. members of the National Ski Patrol) because it is members of the NSP I am in most contact with and they are volunteers.

The patrollers in this region do not have all of the same concerns those out West do. There is no avalanche concerns here, so there is no need to deal with avalanche control (unless you are headed to this unique and unknown Wisconsin locale), learning avalanche victim search and recovery, there is no need to learn how to deal with explosives and artillery (and the probably reams of Federal Govt. mandated record keeping that goes along with such stuff), there is no need to worry about pulling skiers (and avoiding) out of tree wells. I fully recognize such differences and did call them out (however, I did not attempt to create an exhaustive list). I did this to underline why Sunshine Village is going to have a hired for money staff of ski patrollers as opposed to a small ski resort here in the Upper Midwest.

That said, there are many situations our NSP Patrollers face that patrollers also face out West. People skiing out of control, people showing no concern for the safety of others, people injured in accidents, people undergoing medical emergencies, evacuating a malfunctioned chairlift, and so on. Plus, I am sure not every ski patroller out West has training for every possible function.

Another pop-out and this criticism also invokes the infield fly rule.

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