Skiing for Richer or Poorer

Not too long ago I saw a note referring the reader to a website on tips to ski cheaply. That note triggered a thought stream and the river flows out of skiing on the cheap to how skiing is popularly thought as an activity for the rich but also as one for the dirt poor.

That is, the super-affluent entertaining at their elaborate ski lodges in Aspen or the ski bum on the edge of living out of their car. At least that is generally the image portrayed in films.

The ski bum for example is not a down and out type, but someone who willingly pursues skiing to the exclusion of all else. The ski bum could care less about having a fancy car or digs, but cares deeply about their gear and the powder they ski in. They live to ski.

On the other hand, we have the jet set. Those who not only ski but have big chalets on the prime slopes. We see these foks in the movies an awful lot. Whether they are being chased by people trying to kill them, or they are away trying to raise funds with fancy balls for a cause, or whether they are taking a break from their hedge fund job & high profile wife, these people are the ones who show up ski for a week, and jet off. We know about it because they get reported on.

However, we all know Hollywood and the media often fail to accurately or even portray those of us in the middle.

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