Lots of Ski Resorts Out There

I see local ski clubs typically plan trips to resorts to places such as Breckenridge, Snowmass, Alta, Aspen, etc. All big name resort and all destination resorts. I guess that helps with marketing and most people know of those resorts. After all, they feature in the news on a regular basis especially when we see stories of celebrities or other public figures skiing or snowboarding at these resorts.

There is no doubt, the resorts feature world class skiing, but it is more than just skiing that makes many resorts world class and that is why I suggest when planning a getaway ski trip to consider other resorts that may not be as well known but offer skiing just as good as the world class locations.

For instance, have you ever heard of Monarch Mountain ski resort? I am guessing you have not, but if you are considering a ski trip to Colorado I suggest it highly, reasonable prices, great terrain, no lift lines, and just an all around great experience. In fact, the background image here is from Monarch Mountain!
View from the top of Monarch Mountain

I am half-planning a ski trip this year. In addition, we will visit family and friends (if the plan comes together), but most of this activity will be in Montana and in Eastern BC CA (eh). In Montana we will not be too far from Jackson Hole, but again very close to our destination in MT there is a resort by the name of Bridger Bowl. Have you heard of Whitefish Mountain or Kimberly Alpine Resort? Probably not as none of these resorts are “destination” resorts but I am sure the skiing and snowboarding at each of these locations is world class or nearly so.

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