The Woes of Ski Resort Dining

In addition to being a ski fanatic I am a foodie and in general I find the state of food at our local ski resorts to be pathetic.

It should not be this way.

I hear you, you go to ski resorts to eat not to eat. That much is true, and you would be mistaken to think I am calling for haute cuisine at every ski resort or warming hut. What I am calling for is something in the middle.

Most ski resorts I go to have standard cafeterias and very standard menus. Burgers, brats, polish sausages, hot dogs, french fries, onion rings, and cheese curds. You know, I understand that it is quick, easy, and high margin. Still, I would like to see something different from the cafeteria at The Shedd Aquarium, or The Museum of Science and Industry.

There is one location that shows the way. It is not haute cuisine by any means. In addition, it is easy on the staff. Ski Brule’s backhill lodge serves a chilli dog with optional cheese (which I add and heap onion & pickles on it). Obviously purchasing and preparing hot dogs is no big deal nor is the chilli end, and the cheese whiz machine can do double duty. I like to get those chilli dogs when I go in. Chilli dogs and beer make for a happy man! BTW, they used to serve polish sausages with sauerkraut and I really miss that, I wish they would bring the sauerkraut back!

I think that a great example of creative thinking on Ski Brule’s part.

You know, I understand, most any food I get in such a location is going to be coming from Sysco but at least come up with some way to offer creative and simple food, especially if you do have a kitchen in your facility. Please come up with an appealing menu and not a default one.

Good Stuff!

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