Olympics is Just Another Ski Competition

Many people believe the Olympics is the only ski competition. In fact us skiers know it is just one more event in the season.

It is easy to understand why many would believe The Olympics is the only ski competition out there and that is because it is the only receiving widespread attention. In a way, NCAA March Madness is in a similar position, because many people pay no attention to NCAA men’s basketball until that point.

Those of us ski and watch it understand that the US Ski Team has been skiing competitively since last October and will continue to do so into the middle of this March. That is why Bode Miller’s performance in the 2006 games was viewed very negatively by the US public, but why I was not so critical (aside from using it as an opportunity to write humor).

In addition, the US Ski team competes globally and there are many other ski racing leagues out there, just like NASCAR is not the only auto racing league, just the top level of US stock car car racing.

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