My Ski Gear

My Ski Gear
My Ski Gear has been Updated!

Our Ski Gear
Our Ski Gear
The top pair are my K2-3s, the middle pair are a pair of K2 4s my brother uses, and the bottom set is a set of K2 G4s my father skis on. My skis are 192 cm long and I am not certain about the length of the other two sets of skis.

Not that it is real great or anything, but I want to discuss it and my general approach to ski gear

I bought my first ski kit back in February of 1999. I was back from the Middle East and was actually in Detroit at the time. I shopped around home a bit for ski gear, and then did so again in Detroit. I came back for a weekend break in February and we went skiing. While at the lodge I went into their shop and talked things over and purchased: boots, poles, and skis. I still use the poles and the skis, but the boots are retired.

The skis are K2 3s at 187 cm, [update, the K2s are now retired I replaced them with Head Rev 80 pros in 180 cm] the boots were Salomons and the poles are who cares. I can not recall the make of the bindings [look up when time is available]. About three years ago I upgraded my boots. The boots I had were fine but I ended up at one point breaking a buckle (they are all plastic) fortunately that was at the end of the season. I went to the on-hill tech shop and the service tech behind the desk chuckled suggesting I just buy new boots (which was out of the question given the outfit I was working for was ramping itself up for layoffs), that suggestion was not well received. So I skied with the boots till the end of the season and took the boots into a local shop and they repaired the boots.

However, I did replace the boots a couple of years ago opting for Atomics. One thing I noticed after buying those boots, edge-catching occurrences dropped significantly. I suppose that may not be a function of the boot per se but tuning the boot. My father once skied in my old boots and noted the same thing — lots of edge catching. The upshot is I ski better in the new boots than the old ones.

My boots are in the center

The K2 3s are still with me. A buddy is encouraging me to upgrade my skis and downgrade the length. I am all for that but see that parenthetical comment two paragraphs up and know things are beyond worry right now. I saw some Atomic 920s at The Skier’s Outlet for a good price but am not quite certain if that is the next step for me or not?

I remember buying the 3s at Ski Brule’s pro-shop and I was looking at the 4s but Jessica suggested I go with the 3s. I am glad I did and that is probably where I need to shop for my next set, at a ski pro-shop.

That is what we have!

Good Stuff!

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