Time Machines — Back to the ’70s

Going to a ski resort in this region can seem like walking through a time portal back the 1970s. Why does it seem like most resorts only update their looks after going through a closing, sale, and re-opening? Why so much pain?

The process seems to go like this. A ski resort dwindles to nothing and then closes down. It then may be out of business for a season but eventually it finds a new owner or operator and reopens.

When the ski resort reopens one thing that happens is the new operators or owners then freshen up the the appearance of the lodge and its imagery. Why does this have to be such a painful process? All thriving and growing businesses periodically renew their images. Yeah, a lot of us do like the old imagery and atmosphere, but the wise makeover can retain elements of the old in the new.

Blackjack just went through this process. Now, they are completely fresh but I really do not like it, there would be nothing wrong with incorporating Blackjack into the artwork. Indianhead went through this process a couple of years ago and the lodge is being updated with the new bar being a great place to be.

What ski resort will be next? Powderhorn? Whitecap? Both are time portals back to the ’70s. Powderhorn, please get rid of or replace The Skier and Whitecap, can you please do some remodeling of your main lodge?

One ski lodge I would like to visit to see if they are with the times is Hidden Valley near Manitowoc. I would like to see if the change in ownership also spurred a change in the resort’s atmosphere.

So please review and update your lodge, your logo, and associated imagery on a regular basis, but do so in a way that honors your past and heritage — make it all work as a way to bridge the new to the old.

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