Alpine Skiing and Drugs

Alpine Skiing and Drugs
The PEDphile Ryan Braun

With the Ryan Braun controversy swirling around I thought to do a little research on performance enhancing drugs (PED) and alpine skiing.

Google turned up a few things along those lines.

A number of results came up and most revolved around PEDs but a few were on performance detracting drugs (PDDs) such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, etc.

The most intriguing results centered on Bode Miller’s thoughts on PEDs and a close second was a great article from the UK on PDDs. However, most centered on dry recitations Olympic athletes busted for PEDs as well as the a number of hits regarding Floyd Landis and Lance Armstrong.

The strongest association between PEDs and skiing did not involve the alpine disciplines, but Nordic skiing. In fact, the majority of winter athletes busted for using PEDs were Nordic sports participants.

That makes sense. Nordic events are typically very demanding on one’s endurance very much akin to bicycling.

Good Stuff!

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