Android for the Skier — Ski TrailMaps

A Ski Trail Map Phone App!

Ski Trail Map App
Skitrail Map Phone App! (Bridger Bowl map featured)!

Skiing with the phone is now common occurrence and many of us are now skiing with smartphones and can bring information technological power onto the ski slopes that huge IT shops could only dream of decades ago.

However, that smartphone needs to be hooked up with the correct application suite. In this review I go over the Android application: Ski TrailMaps.

Ski Trail Maps
Ski Trail Maps


The Ski TrailMaps does what its title implies: it fetches ski resort trails maps on request. You select the continent, then the nation (or state), and browse the resorts and select the one you want.

This application comes in a version supported by advertising and a paid version without the advertising.

What I Like

While I am very familiar (and in any event there is not a lot to become familiar with) with the ski resorts I haunt I do not see myself using the application, but if I wanted to, I can pull up ski trail maps from the little three trail ski areas in my immediate region. Of course, I can pull up map of Sölden too with its multitudes of traisl.

Most (but not all) maps can be scaled up or down with the usual pincher move.

What I Do Not Like

Not much at all, in fact I have nothing to say here.


Impressive application. Here is the Android market page for Ski TrailMaps

Good Stuff!

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