I am a 42 year old guy obviously living in Wisconsin. I was born, grew up, and spent near about all of my life save for six years in Wisconsin.

You know, I like beer!

I like beer of all sorts. I like lagers, I like ales, I like reds, I like stouts, I like porters, I like pilzens. Yes, I even like the standard American lager beers such as Budweiser, Miller, Miller Lite, etc. It all depends. I have even made my own whole-grain beer — that beer my friends was AMAZING.

However, during ski season with its weather I am much more eager for a “chewier” beer. Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale probably being my favorite. Unfortunately, my “home-hill” does not stock it (Jessica, are you reading?). However, I am content with Kilian’s Irish Red or even the special of the day (I’m guessing alternately Miller Lite and Bud Light).

Nothing like skiing for a while and heading in to sit by a warm pot-belly stove and share a pitcher or two with my buddies (usually my brother, father, and another good buddy), I tell you if I could purr I would. Then it is back out to ski some more. I am usually more focused on the skiing after that initial break and oft-times will ski to last chair. However, others in my party will break more often and that includes stopping for a cup or two of the day’s special.

When the day is done, it is always good to get the feet out of the boots and tip back a cup of beer.

I also strongly suggest to all to take the beer in moderation while skiing. You need good judgment and coordination to ski. Not saying to abstain just be reasonable.


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