Can Snowboarders Add Speed?

Whitefish Skiing Review -- blue square intermediate level
I stuck to the blue runs

A question for snowboarders
Can He Add Speed?
It is well known that alpine skiers utilizing proper technique and timing can increase their speed beyond what gravity provides. The sequence involves carved turns and the transition from one set of edges to the other, provided the skier unweights correctly and at the right time.

I am to the point where I am doing that. At the end of last season a buddy was skiing with me and took me through some drills where I was exaggerating an upward extension of my body during my edge transition, a number of times I found the skis putting me into the backseat.

Question — Can Snowboarders Add Speed? Answer in the Comments Please!

Question for any snowboarders out there, can you on a snowboard accomplish a similar feat? That is add speed beyond what gravity provides? If so, in general how do you do that?

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  1. Snowboarders actually reduce speed due to the fact I lose shred time skiing around them after exiting the lift chair. It is like a mob of fools on their buts putting on their boards….4 feet from the lift. The only thing to learn from Snowboarders is how to text fast and what energy drink is the most rad.

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