The Patron Saint of Skiers

The patron saint of skiers Saint Bernard of Montjoux -- the Tyrolean Alpine Guard Flag
The patron saint of skiers Saint Bernard of Montjoux -- Image from the Wikipedia

Did you know that skiing has a patron saint? Yes, the patron saint of skiers is St. Bernard of Montjoux and he is also the patron saint of:

  1. Snowboarders
  2. Backpackers
  3. Hikers
  4. Mountaineers

the patron saint of skiers -- snow covered st. bernard dog
The St. Bernard
The story is St. Bernard grew up in Italy and joined the priesthood. He rose through the ranks and became an archdeacon. He worked to bring the people of the Alps and Lombardy into the church.

Under his leadership the church built schools, churches, and hostels in the Alps. The hostels were located along a commonly used and dangerous pass travelers took to get from France and Germany to Rome. The hostels offered weary travlers, shelter, food, and drink.

Yes, the breed of dogs we refer to as St. Bernards are from this region and are named after him.

Saint Bernard of Montjoux pray for us and snow!

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