Catching a Ski Edge

For Intermediate Skiers
For Intermediate Skiers
99% of the time when I ski I can always see my skis (if I would bother to look down), very rarely do I ski in snow that would cover them up, but from time to time it does happen. Whenever skiing in such snow though I have a bit of a harder time of it, and I think I discovered why.

One thing I noticed this last Saturday when skiing in the fluffencrud was when transitioning to my new edge set the ski that was transitioning to the outside would often catch its outside edge. I never had a serious catch, one that would cause me to crash or lose control, but it is never nice to catch an edge (because you always think it could be worse the next time) and was causing me to stay in the hard-pack center chutes. Not fun.

However, I started to think it over. An edge catch usually happens in transition and I most notice it happening on my outside ski and my guess is the outside edge engages the snow and locks the ski in its current direction or worse yet wants to ride the sidecut in the opposite direction from where I want to go. Often times I can yank that errant ski away from its track and get back into harmony with its mate and myself.

Every now and then on hardpack I catch an edge, but it is a rare event, but when I was skiing in the deepish fluffncrud that was a frequent occurrence and so I started to concentrate on making sure I was getting the correct set of edges in the snow and weighted. Most of the time I don’t get a lot of weight on that inside edge of my outside ski.

After that, I don’t recall catching another edge that day.

How about yourself? What is your experience and knowledge of dealing with edge catches?

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