Grumbling About the Weather

The weather here in Northeast Wisconsin is mostly lame of late.

It has been warm and rainy. Yeah, I do not often ski around here so it is not burning snow I want to ski on, but I was thinking of going to a nearby hill to check it out.

There is that old saying (which I will not exactly repeat) about the weather — do not complain about it because there is nothing you can do to change it. Still, the weather does affect my mood. Cold snowy weather during ski season noticeably brightens my mood up. I love sitting in the basement next to the fireplace during a raging blizzard. Yeah, it adds to my labors having to dig out the driveway and even though I have a snowblower it is still extra work. Nor do I much care for driving on slippery roads. Still, I know I can ski on that stuff up north or even around here.

However, starting this weekend we had warm weather and rain. Yesterday the rain came down in torrents and opened up a lot of grass and field. I am quite sure the snowmobile trails are closed, Nordic Mountain did not operate yesterday and I am sure they are scrambling and most likely need to make more snow. It is now below freezing here and a very light snow is falling, but it will take a good snow dump or two to replace what we have lost.

What is key in my opinion is it sounds like the folks “up-north” mostly missed on this rain and it sounds like the Lake Surperior Snow Machine is running. That puts a smile on my face.

Good Stuff!

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