The Winter Olympics are Behind Us

The 2010 Winter Olympics are finished and over. What an Olympics it was. Starting off with a fatality and ending with an epic hockey match.

Congratulations to team Canada on their sudden death win over the US Hockey squad. I confess to being a bandwagon hockey fan and was pumped about handing another loss to Team Canada, but it was not going to happen. Still, it was a great ending, with 24 seconds in the game and with the goalie pulled from the net team USA got the goal to send the game into overtime. I was watching the action at Ski Brule and the whole tavern burst into raucus cheers. However, five minutes later or so team Canada scored its game winning goal. As I said I’m a bandwagon hockey fan so the loss is something that did not bother myself for too long. In fact, it means a lot more to our Canadian brothers & sisters so I am happy for them in their win.

What an Olympics it was, huh? Talk about our skiers of all disciplines! Team USA won its first medals int he Nordic combined and did generally well. Our Alpine team brought home medals like never before, with Lindsey and Julia both doing well and Bode Miller winning medals too.

I am going to miss the Olympics and look forward to the 2014 games, in the meantime I will get back into the loop with ski competitions both local and international.

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