Warren Miller is Safe

From me and my ski cinematography.

Spent significant time on the slopes this weekend practicing photography and cinematography on the slopes.

I have sat through some photography seminars and did some sports photography in high school and had some success doing that, but have never really filmed. I am planning on photographing an event at Ski Brule this coming weekend and was engaging in some location scouting, but mostly studying how my digital camera takes action shots on the ski hill.

I never worried about crashing with the camera as I rarely crash while skiing.

You have seen some of my work at ski photography here, all the photos here are from my collection of photographs, but you have never seen video made by myself. That changes today.
I skied two runs with my camera in video mode. The first run, I simply dangled the camera from my neck and the second video I did the same, but tucked the body under my ski jacket and placed my bib straps around the camera’s body to stabilize the camera, and this worked well.

The camera I used was my panasonic lumix in video mode and not a dedicated video camera. I expect a dedicated video camera would take better video but with the camera being more “precious” and more awkward I left the video camera in the car.

So, the first video below is going down Ski Brule’s Otterslide run with the camera freely dangling from my neck:

This video is with the camera strapped more tightly to my body and myself skiing down Ski Brule’s Big Bear run:

Good Stuff!

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