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Helmets are a frequent topic here and I am on a mission to get you to wear them if you already do not.

Helmets Wear Them! — Common Objections

While looking good and fashionable is not a trivial concern helmets do not detract from one’s fashion statement . Helmets come in a variety of colors and styles so you can match the rest of your clothes and look. Take a bit of care when matching up your helmet with your goggles, it is not about look but about proper fit. Again, you can overcome having a gapers gap, take your helmet or goggles shopping and work with the sale-staff to find a perfect match.

Another objection I see people raise is that some studies show no serious reduction in deaths as helmet use increases and the possibility that those wearing helmets engage in riskier behavior and negate any risk reduction from wearing a helmet.

There is some truth in this. The Wiki article states testing agencies test helmets ability to withstand impacts at 14 mph (23 kph) which is about half of the typical maximum speed of recreational skiers and of course some of us move out faster than that. Crashing into an object at 25 mph (or 40 kph) is an injurious event and a helmet or any safety gear is not going to do much to protect one from such impacts.

Helmets Wear Them! — Just Do It

However, there is a whole range of potential injury that we face at slower speeds and lower energies. Last winter a helmet saved me from a potential nasty cut to my head by my released ski Skiing and crashing on a hard snowpack with a helmet can mean you see some stars but avoid a concussion.

I find helmets are warm, they do not detract from one’s fashion, and probably the biggest benefit is you can buy tune drops and never again have to hassle with ear buds.

Helmets Wear Them! — Do You Wear Helmets?

Tell us your ski or snowboard helmet story or why you do not wear them, we want to hear from you!

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