Lift Ticket Price Wars — Sunlight Mountain

A Contrarian Marketing Approach

Sunlight Mountains $700 lift ticket
Sunlight Mountain's Contrary Offer

Usually when we hear the phrase price war we think of a race to the lowest possible price. Sunlight Mountain ski resort however, is taking a contrarian approach and is racing to the top of the price points. They are offering a $700.00 lift ticket to celebrate their 50th anniversary!

Sunlight Mountain — Contrary Offer

However, there is one detail in the fine print you need to be aware of when you buy that lift ticket. The price of that lift ticket includes a pair of Sunlight Mountain custom logo skis! That is also a contrarian approach as the fine print usually hides nasty surprises,

The last bit of contrariness Sunlight Mountain hits us with is the reversal of the offer. Usually we see buy the pricey item and we’ll thrown in the less expensive item. Sunlight Mountain frames this offer in contrary fashion, offering the inexpensive item for the price of the expensive item and then including the expensive item.

Sunlight Mountain ski trail map
Sunlight Mountain in West Central Colorado
The net effect of the offer in and of itself, is nothing special. However, framing the offer the way they do is generating buzz. I saw an item come through my news aggregator as Colorado Ski Area To Compete With Vail By Selling $700 Day Tickets…. I had to check it out and the item linked to Unofficial Network’s story on this offer. The offer includes the custom Meier skis and access to Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Sunlight Mountain — Its Not About the Offer Its About the Buzz

By all standards, the offer is not a big deal. Buy a big ticket item (a pair of skis) and get two gifts. If the offer was promoted in that fashion, chances are I would not have heard about this. In addition, I am not the only person talking about this. I am seeing conversations on Twitter on this. Even this non-marketer sees the genius at work here!

Now, chances are not many people will take Sunlight Mountain’s offer. However, guess what? Many more people are now aware of Sunlight Mountain. I am. I know it is on the west side of the Colorado Rockies south of I70 and being the contrarian I often am, it is now a part of my thoughts for my next big ski trip.

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