Nature’s Tug

Many imagine nature as only nurturing, but lets be honest, it can also be destructive. Many animals in addition to us, build structures to aid in survival and all such animals have to work to maintain those structures. One thing people new to house ownership quickly learn is the forces of nature conspire against them and work to reclaim the materials used to build the house. This results in an activity we call maintenance.
If one has ever visited a ski resort one quickly sees a number of items that look as if they scream for maintenance. Probably the most critical maintenance is required by the chair lifts a ski resort has. There is a lot of steel in those systems.

Steel is made primarily of iron and we all know how nature wants iron to be — rust. Sometimes that action is vital (think of your blood), but in the case of our structures and most of the uses we put iron and steel too, rust is destructive. The most common way we fend off rust is via coating more specifically painting. Paint on our cars can be a fashion or a personal statement, but more importantly the paint protects the material from nature’s onslaught.

This is where Brian Scheid of High Peaks Chair Lift Painting LLC comes in. High Peaks Chair Lift Painting LLC specializes in painting chair lifts and does so nationwide.

I recently met Brian and sat down with him to discuss and learn about what he does. It was an interesting chat and I will be writing some articles on his business.

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