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I find there are a number of different activities many skiers like. Obviously most of them are outdoor activities, if the cold, snow, and winds of Winter do not keep us from skiing we will surely find as many reasons we can to be outside during the rest of the year. I am sure I am not the only one that goes crazy being confined inside all day when it is sunny and pleasant outside. I will find any reason to be outside. Watch the grass grow was a common reason last summer.

Last summer our yard came in. So, I would water the lawn and I would break out a lawn chair, get a beverage, sit outside and watch the grass grow (and tweet about it). So, you may see I am being literal about watching the grass grow.

A somewhat frightening trend is the the tendency of video games in replacing real games. Instead of playing baseball at the local diamond or field, youngsters and not so youngsters sit on the couch and work their hands and fingers. Instead of walking a round of nine holes (or even riding a cart would be preferable) many of us break out the Wii. Instead of actually skiing, again many break out the Wii or get to a nearby arcade. Of course, a lot of gaming happens with fantasy based and war games — the former not possible to recreate in the real world and the later is one where you do not get extra lives.

I confess, I was on the front end of the video game phenomena. We had a pong console that played about four variations on the basic concept, and then came the Atari 2600! I was the one on the Space Invasion Defense Team that cracked the regular Atari 2600 Space Invaders (basic game) pattern. We tracked scores and after that Space Invaders became boring. Of course, we enjoyed that, but also enjoyable was getting out and beating on the snowmobiles and perhaps sledding and doing other things outside. We’ld go outside and play in the snow for a while and come back in and play some Atari, warm up, and repeat.

I guess to a large extent we were fortunate when growing up. We could just walk out of our house and play ball (whatever ball-game). Baseball/softball/football/kickball over on the East side of the house and basketball on the driveway. Maybe we’ld go over to the neighbors and play on the west side of their yard. Or play some night games (hide & seek, no ghost in the graveyard) at the next door down where they had the old TB home property with a lot of big trees, a big old empty nursing home facility, and a number of outbuildings.

I do not want to say video games are all bad, but we all need balance.

Now go outside and engage in real physical activity instead of virtual physical activity!

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