New to Skiing? Equipment Advice for You

So, you want to learn how to downhill ski? Good for you! Downhill skiing is an activity that has many benefits, one of the largest is it turns winter from a period of dread to one of joy.

So the question then becomes what gear and equipment do you need.

General Categories

I am not going to delve deep into any particular category here, but will give an overview of each gear category and delve deeper in other articles.


The most universal of all gears needs is clothing. If you get the clothing wrong you put yourself at risk for discomfort and possibly frostbite. Fortunately, if you live in a cold climate already you have what you need. The only item you may have to purchase or borrow is a pair of water resistant snowpants. I have skied in my jeans and that was as a new skier and I would come off of the hill wet. Not fun, and being wet and cold is a bad combination.

The usuals, stocking cap, winter jacket, gloves, perhaps a pair of wool socks, and long underwear.

Skis and Boots

The first couple of times you ski, rent. Generally, you fill out a form at the ski resort and based on those responses the ski technician gets the proper pair of boots, skis, and sets the skis up for you.

Most of the time you will want ski goggles to protect your eyes from the cold and any snow that is in the air. In addition, goggles help you to see the terrain better. Sunglasses may do but goggles will always work.

Miscellaneous Gear

There really isn’t any miscellaneous gear required, but of course we often carry other types of gear. Often times I have my phone, a camera, a walkie-talkie, lip-balm, sunscreen, sunglasses (or my goggles), my ski helmet (strongly suggest you wear one), and tools for ski tuning.

Good Stuff!

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