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For Intermediate Skiers
For Intermediate Skiers
Skiing is the combination of practice with some knowledge and an intellectual understanding of the basics of skiing. By the basics I mean the mechanics and forces we have to work with.

By the time one reaches the intermediate level of skiing we should be skiing parallel and carving at least on an elementary level.

It is tempting to take suggestions and advice of others too seriously and force yourself into something that does not work for you.

I learned this via painful lesson. I once took the notion of driving my shins into my boots too seriously (and some may note incorrectly). I did not drive my shins down into the boots but I drove my shins into my boots by holding a weight forward posture. Well that tendency lead me to falling face down into the snow and injuring my shoulder. The run wasn’t all that hot, I just ran into a pile of wet sloppy snow that grabbed my skis and being off balance to the front it did not take too much to put me in the snow.

I’ve heard all sorts of advice throughout the years. One that sticks in my head is idea of keeping your shoulders square to the fall line, taken to the extreme this could mean up to a 90° variance in your hips and shoulders. I think what this advice is doing is trying to get people to stop initiating turns with upper body movement and NOT as a way to ski all the time.

Additionally, I’ve heard so much and contradicting advice on stinging the snow. Some say plant at the initiation of the turn, some say plant at another point, some say just use the wrist, some say reach out with the arm, some say sting the snow at the end of a turn, or in the middle.

I am sure you have your own examples of advice promoted to dogma.

The only piece of advice I take seriously and try to apply dogmatically is to stay poised and balanced over my skis. Most of the pieces of advice I see are not dogma but advice, things to try and practice to get you to understand how to get down the hill faster and safer.

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