Getting Ready for the Season

What (if anything) do you do to get ready for the upcoming ski season?
I try to get my gear looked at, but rarely is it done. Maybe I take it in to the shop for a tuneup and inspection but sometimes it happens sometimes it does not.

I am trying to get into the mindset to do much of that on my own, but an attempt at this earlier this year fizzled out. I sharpened my edges and cleaned my bases but am a bit concerned I may have messed up the performance I am used to with my skis. We’ll see and Ski Brule has a pro shop that can do it for me if need be.

I should break out my gear bag and wash the stuff in it and clean off my goggles, that is the biggest pain dirty smeared goggles. Wake up on a Saturday morning head to the hill, put on the goggles and find a big smear right where your eyes are trying to look through. Maybe this year I’ll do the boy scout thing and be prepared?

What preparations do you take?

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