Oh yeah, I am anxious for ski season to start. Yes, I hesitate to let summer go, but this weekend we got a terse message from Mother Nature to get ready for the chills of fall and winter. Today was a bit better as we did get a fair amount of breaks in the clouds meaning warm sunshine.
How much do you think of skiing now that it is obvious that the summer is in transition to fall? Or do you not think of it until it snows? According to my traffic stats, you all are starting to think of skiing, the tweets from my ski contacts are picking up and starting to focus more on skiing, the various measures of traffic I have here are trending up, obviously I am posting regularly here again.

I often take turns around corners and thinking of how my legs, feet, arms, and body would work the imaginary skis on my feet. I think of the chilli dogs in the Homestead Lodge, I think of the stogies on the deck of the cabin after dinner, I think of arriving to a chilled cabin, and lighting a fire. That is what I look forward too, not firing up the Airens, not worrying if the stretch of road is covered in black ice, not the cringe as I see the WE Energies bill in the mailbox, however, all pros must be purchased with cons.

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