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Sometimes the Lights are Shining on Me!

Liftopia's List -- Granite Peak at Night
Granite Peak's Long Runoffs

Do you enjoy in the dark?

When was the last time you skied under the lights?

I am not fond of night skiing. I used to ski nights at Hidden Valley and I have done it once at Granite Peak. The Hidden Valley experiences were during full winter and were not all that bad. The terrain at Hidden Valley was not that daunting even for the sort of skier I was back then.

However, at Granite Peak it was — interesting. We skied in late spring and drove out on a very warm day. We got there at dusk met up with our ski crew, purchased our night skiing lift tickets and went skiing. The snow was soft due to the warmth and skiing was challenging on account of that. Then as it became darker and darker the snow started to freeze up again. Then it was very very fast. This was some years ago and the conditions that night put me on the defense in a huge way. I did not care for it. Then add to that the skiing was mostly in the dark and under lights.

The one good thing though was getting high up over Wausau at night, as it was a nice view. We were skiing over to get a better vista and I did not like the way the terrain was becoming so I bailed out of the adventure and started working my way down, I had to cut things tight to a trail split and the darkness hid an exposed water pipe. Fortunately, I was traversing and skiing slow and cautiously and no damage was done to the pipe (or my gear, or myself). It is this type of hazard that really bugged me about skiing under the lights.

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  1. Well said on The Peak.

    I have shredded Colorado and the place (G. Peak) is for real. It gets fast and no kidding…a lot of people have died in the past 3 years as they cannot handle the double black runs.

    Still, it is one of the greatest hills in Wisconsin and a great prep hill for the mountains on the west coast. If you can shred the Peak you can shred any place.

    Get low cost tickets on Tues, Thurs and Sat night.

    Thanks Wisconsin Shredder for your awesome site!

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