Lame Take From A Bit Slayed

Bryan Curtis writing in the Daily Beast notes:

Those of us who dislike downhill skiing—who find it goofy and preposterous, and inferior to every Winter Olympic sport up to and including curling—were paying close attention to the recent Sports Illustrated brouhaha.

Jonathan Runge pointed to other examples: from the Playboy Club that popped up near a Wisconsin ski area in the 1960s[emphasis added] to the “bare-chested Adonis on skis” that adorned the publicity poster for Sun Valley, Idaho, in the 1930s.

This article could be written by The Church Lady!. Bryan spends half of his article complaining about skiers having a good time, spending time in the hot tubs with members of the other sex, the shame of it!
Bryan spends the second half of his screed ripping skiing for environmental concerns and race relation concerns. The former point is not without some merit, but the later? Skiing is racist? He claims he will not go so far as others but why go down that road at all? No one is keeping anyone from nor forcing anyone to the slopes. Would tanning salons then also be racist?

Bryan states: By 1988, his first Olympic Games, Tomba had declared himself “the new messiah of skiing.” He wouldn’t have lasted a week in the National Football League. and then later on there is this ironic statement It has killed or maimed beloved celebrities: Natasha Richardson, Sonny Bono, the Heisman Trophy winner Doak Walker. [emphasis added]

Bryan ends his waste of bytes with: If they had any sense, they’d give up skiing for a sport with all of the danger and none of the snobbery. You know, like snowboarding. Skiing snobby? I know who the uptight snob is and it is not the skiers I run into. The snobs Bryan talks about are lampooned in Dumb and Dumber and by the way Bryan talks I would not be surprised to see him consorting with them.

I hate to give that piece any more attention than it has. Go to Technorati and that is what you find as the number one blog on skiing. Just what I was looking for an uptight prude whining about skiing.

Good Stuff!

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