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A Breakfast Review

I have written on the importance of fueling yourself prior to skiing. I take that advice more seriously the older I get. I do not need lunch so much as a good breakfast prior to a day of skiing.

Our new breakfast joint at the Happy Carving Grounds is now the Brule River Tap.

The Brule River Tap located in Nelma Wisconsin is a surprising breakfast stop. It all started when we stopped at our usual breakfast location the Y-Knot. We walked into the barroom as the diner area was locked and it was locked because the Y-Knot stopped serving breakfast last summer. The folks in the bar were helpful and referred us to The Brule River Tap.

I have been to The Brule River Tap a number of times, but it was always for drinks not for dining. Well, I can happily report this is changing. We went in, and found some other fellows having the breakfasts too, so we sat down and requested menus. We ordered coffee and placed our orders.

The menu was basic but what do you need for breakfast when you are up north and the primary mission is skiing or snowmobiling, or ice-fishing, or cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing, or…? You need a basic and filling breakfast. I ordered the western omelet (they had a few different omelets on the menu), coffee, and juice.

How was the breakfast? Great. Most diners you order eggs and you get what is obviously a dish made from some sort of standard scrambled egg mixture. The texture is standard and so is the taste, and that taste is not quite the one expects from fresh eggs. I am happy to report the omelet I had, had that extra taste of fresh eggs, my omelet was good. This real egg treat did not come without cost, it seemed like the breakfast was a bit long in coming, I guess if you have to actually work with real eggs it may take longer than if you use a standard egg product from a restaurant supply company. The hash browns that came with the breakfast was standard, and I have nothing to say about the toast, the coffee or the juice, as those items were also standard.

The service was adequate. On Saturday the woman behind the bar was easy to talk too, and had help in the kitchen. On Sunday the petite woman behind the bar (a different woman) was much less chatty and it seemed she was doubling as cook as she spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen.

After we left The Brule River Tap my legs were fueled and ready for skiing. We stopped in the next day for breakfast again. On the way out, one of the proprietors said Let every one know about us! I smiled, knowing I would!

Even if you are not skiing, but looking to get out for breakfast around Phelps WI, Nelma WI, Alvin WI, Iron River MI I suggest visiting the Brule River Tap. Please tell them The Wisconsin Skier sent you!

Food: 90%
Service: 85%
Atmosphere: Unrated for breakfasts
Overall: 87.5%

  1. Summary:
    A great place for a good and tasty breakfast. You may have to wait a bit longer but the wait is worth it.
  2. Would I return: YES!
  3. Should you stop: YES!

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