Midwest Ski Film Festival

In the past, I noted my discovery of the Midwest Ski Film Festival and in that post I stated:

I am intrigued by this. However, I do have one reservation. I fear the show is only going to be showing people ripping it up down nearly impossible powdered steeps and spectacular wipeouts. I understand, the films are being made by those wanting to break into the larger film industry and are showing their talents at the technical aspects of film making. However, I do not need to see one more video of some dude ripping up a mountain to heavy metalish music nor am I particularly keen on seeing montages of ski wipeouts. Ahem, those have been done before.

Recently Brian Landrigan contacted myself about the MWSFF, and it is worth reading his response.

Don’t worry no “ski porn” or gnarly powdery faces in europe [sic] being shredded. No montages of wipeouts set to punk and metal music. Instead we feature movies showcasing the newest aspect of skiing. “Newschool” skiing if you will. In the films showcased at MWSFF you will see the same athletes on TV at X-Games, and Dew Tour, bringing their skill to the streets of cities 100’s of miles from mountains to slide metal handrails, to trips to small mountain towns in montana [sic] to ski some of the best natural terrain in the country. I think you would be surprised with what you see, alot [sic] of stuff kids are doing are changing the face of skiing as we know it!

I am looking forward to the MWSFF and hope this event and the films in it can inspire the next generation of skiers, but will reserve judgment. I will be looking into and making plans to attend!

Good Stuff!

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