This Weekend on the Slopes of Brule

the tee-bar on Brule's backside
T-Bar Riders
It was a great weekend of skiing.I am planning on covering an event next weekend at Ski Brule and decided to break out my camera and use it on the slopes.

On Saturday, I spent a fair amount of time snapping photos and recording video imagery. It was interesting and somewhat frustrating. One of my frustrations with my first encounter of digital imagery was the camera’s tendency to hesitate prior to recording the image. If you could not anticipate the image far enough in advance I would miss shots, often times capturing dolphin tails just above the water’s surface.

The camera I shoot with now is different. I found it to be quick in most situations but not yesterday, it has me thinking of breaking out my old film based camera and shooting with that camera next weekend, or using a combination of tools. With my film based camera I have a wide variety of glass, but with my digital camera I have one fixed lens.

Enough of the photography. How was the skiing?
It was skilicious! I am not just talking of the weather and snow conditions but I am also talking of how I skied. In the past I had been making a significant error in the way I was skiing. I would thrust out a ski prior to turning, but most often it was the outside ski when it should be in the inside ski. So that was a major change in my ski technique, now, it maybe when I was skiing without thinking about doing it I was pushing ahead the proper ski, but when I was skiing slow and going through the thoughtful practice, it seemed to work out a lot better for me. I would thrust the inside ski ahead and at times I could actually feel the shovel of that ski grab the snow! That was exciting.

At the top of Otterslide
At the Top of Otterslide
My skiing felt a lot better and I got into one run down Otterslide (Pictured at left) where it felt very very neat. I was skiing some broad traverses which eventually tightened up into short linked carves down the center! I remember all the work being from my waist and hips and downward, I was looking straight down the fall line and my head & shoulders were still. It was magical unfortunately, I was unable to recapture that groove again.

I really like Otterslide, it is not the steepest terrain at Ski Brule, but it is definitely an intermediate skill run and the pitch is constant from start to finish. I usually start on the right side of the run and work my way to the left so by the time I am at the bottom, I am almost on the neighboring run Whitewater and then I ski to the chair.

More on the weekend later!

Good Stuff!

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