The Glossary — A Work In Progress

Apparently a few of you noted The Wisconsin Skier Glossary. Great and thanks!

Obviously like every website (this one from top to bottom) it is a work in progress. I will add words as I think of them, modify definitions as needed, add photos, etc. What motivated myself to do this? The old site, I set up a glossary but only for terms peculiar to my vocabulary as a denizen of the upper Midwest. I revived the glossary and make it general to snow sports for the following very interesting reason and for this I clank my poles to SnowboardingSki for pointing out this site: for pointing out good SEO reasons for creating a glossary.

It all makes sense to me and back in the old days I do recall seeing various glossary pages I had set up for my various web efforts do well in attracting search visitors. However, I like the notion that adding a glossary not only serves as linkbait (a poltical blogger buddy of mine likes to use photos of well known hot women, particularly, Danica Patrick, as linkbait on his blog) but lends credence and authority to your work. That credence and authority not only serve to boost the regards of people they also serve to boost your SEO efforts. Remember, search engines try to capture the credence and authority people give to sites, give value to people and your search engine rankings will rise!

The glossary right now is very thin but I will be adding terms and phrases on a periodic basis, not only unique upper Midwestern terms and phrases but terms from skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiliing, and all winter sports I am familiar with.

Good Stuff!

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