Powder Skiing

How I Pine for It!

Powder Skiing how I pine for it -- Skier blowing up a stash of powder snow
I do not get to do this in the Upper Midwest

Powder Skiing — The Midwestern Groovy Hardpack!

Groovy Hardpack not Powder Skiing -- a groomed ski run
Groovy Hardpack
Given that I live in the Upper Midwest and have not ski-traveled much, powder skiing is not something I am used to. We don’t get powder too often and when we do many of the resorts around here flatten it down to groovy hardpack.

I have been on the margins of runs where there is wild (but not that deep) powder and I liked it! Also, I have also skied into deepish powder and I find it different, foreign, and difficult to ski in. I tend to try it for a bit and then ski out to get back on the hardpack. However, I find it absolutely mesmerizing to watch videos of people skiing in powder.

Powder Skiing — The Lure of Powder!

Videos (even the fairly raw videos from cheap POV cameras) show the skiers floating, bobbing up and down, occasionally popping up out of the snow entirely, carving a turn that appears cushy soft and buttery smooth. It looks absolutely inviting and I want that!

Powder Skiing — Powderp0n Videos

Those videos make it look so easy! However, my limited experience tells me that it is like anything else. I need to learn new techniques and I need to inbrain new muscle movements! That is not something that happens quickly. The people I see ripping down powdered steeps have been at it for a while.

The Good Life at Steven’s Pass Faceshots in the Deep!

While the videos I watch are often people skiing on virgin powder most of my experience involves tracked up powder. Fortunately, I do not mind skiing in chopped up powder as the bumps are soft and typically give fairly easy to on-edge skis. One of my fondest ski memories was skiing after a fresh snowfall skiing through a field of soft moguls. My mind was in an unusually aggressive mood at the end of the day and I skied close to the fall line with my brother appearing and disappearing from my peripheral vision as we weaved our way down.

Powder Skiing — Powder’s Twin the Moguls

Skiing hard moguls is also a challenge for me. Last winter at Lutsen there was a blue run that had a field of hard moguls and I entered the field. It took a long time for me to get through it. However, most ski resorts I frequent rarely have moguls and when they do they are on their steepest runs.

Powder Skiing — Hints and Tips?

What tips and suggestions do you have for skiing deep powder and moguls?

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