The Skiing ABCs K

The Letter K

The ABCs of Skiing K -- the letter K
The ABCs of Skiing the Letter K.
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Picking up where we left off from the 2015/2016 season we start it back up with the Skiing ABCs K. Today we go over some ski terms starting with the letter K.

The Skiing ABCs K — Knee

The Skiing ABCs K -- an xray image of a knee
Save the Knees!
We kick this list off with that most important joint the knee. This and the hip are important joints for skiing and it is the knee that is most susceptible to injury while skiing.

To protect your knees while skiing keep the following in mind:

  1. Stay physically fit.
  2. Stay in control!
  3. Keep your hips above your knees
  4. After a crash, stay down until you come to a complete stop
  5. Keep your arms forward

Vermont Ski Safety has all the details!

The Skiing ABCs K — K2 Skis

The ABCs of Skiing K -- the K2 logo
K2 Skis is an American manufacturer of skis.

While K2 skis do not have a major presence in the FIS Worldcup ski competition Bode Miller launched his racing career on a pair of K2 skis.

My first set of skis were a pair of K2 3s and my ski buddies were also on K2s. My father had a pair of K2 4s and my brother was skiing with K2 MSL skis. Yeah, the MSL skis were old school and did not have much sidecut to them.

The Skiing ABCs K — Killington

Killington is a ski resort in the state of Vermont.

The ABCs of Skiing K -- Killington's logo
Killington’s Logo
Killington Ski Resort on November 26th and 27th, 2016 (as of this writing). also hosted FIS World Cup women’s giant slalom and slalom events.

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