Practice Skiing All Year Long

I can not recall where I read it and I can not find the story via Google. However, I recall a story about a concert pianist who was imprisoned in some Communist country. He was, of course, denied his love of playing the piano and his music.

He was in a bad situation and in one of those moving stories, it made no difference for him. What did he do, he pretended he had a piano in front of him and pretended to play that pretend piano.

The article noted he was eventually released from that prison and came out a better piano player than he was when he went in.

It can be the same way for anything including skiing. I have skied twice this year so far, and felt my first trip out I was skiing very well. In fact, I was skking like the summer never happened.

What I did was to start watching skiing on YouTube and in particular POV videos, some demo videos, World Cup skiing, and skiing anywhere else I could find it.

That an the workouts made a huge difference!

Good Stuff!

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