What do you do to promote skiing or snowboarding? Do you ask friends if they want to go? Do you sponsor that first lift ticket?

Just what do you do to promote snow sports?

I talk to my friends about skiing and I get some asking about it. Last weekend I took it a step further and assisted some friends to get setup at the rental center and skied along with my buddy’s daughter on the bunny hill.

I need to give a shout out to Ski Brule and the staff in the rental center. They were without exception, friendly, helpful, and eager to serve! This counts for the guy tuning and waxing skis to the people circulating helping people gear up. Their’s was definitely a zeal born of skivanagalism!

I talk about skiing a lot, I don’t get into people’s face about skiing, but I don’t need to. Mentioning I am skiing this weekend often gets conversations going, and they range from “you are nuts for going to going out in the cold” to “cool, where do yo go”, and even once in a while “I would like to learn to ski, how do I go about that?”.

No need to lead tent revivals, just work the spirit of skiing into your daily conversations!

Good Stuff!

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