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The Real OlympicsMore material from the The Wisconsin Skier v1.0.

The REAL Olympics are here and I am glad for it!

Some may consider this a whine but I am fed up with all the idiot sports talkers who don’t consider the winter olympic real games. I believe it was Jim Rome who said any sport that requires judges is not a sport. Really? So, does this mean the summer Olympics are not real either? After all I see plenty of judges at summer diving and gymnastic events. Of course, we know what he is talking about.

Since it seems the most widely watched winter-olympic events are the skating
competitions. The music, the dress of the competitors, and all of that does make the skating events seem less than a sport, but the training, the physical capabilities required, and the maneuvers performed do make it a sport.

This is something we have to deal with every time the Winter Olympics roll around. Dude with his talk radio show or dudes with their sports tv show dissing the Winter Olympics. After all, they go to Vail every winter, they know that skiing really isn’t a sport. Heck, anyone can skid down the hill, right?

Now, if you are reading this article you obviously know one thing. Skiing is definitely a sport. If you have gone to the high altitudes and spent a day skiing on long runs you know by the end of the day your legs are burning from the exertion.

Hey Dudes! Click into a pair of race skis and fly down the mountain at 70-80 mile/hour. The Olympic skiers are skiing at the very limits of human capability. It doesn’t look fast on TV or from the lifts but let me tell you it seems one heck of a lot faster when it is you zooming down the hill on two boards that sometimes have a mind of their own.

With that, I hope the Winter Olympics 2006 [this sentiment extends to all Olympic games] in TURIN turn out to be safe and fantastic. I hope the USA brings home the gold in all the skiing events (even the Nordic events) and after that I call it cream. Good luck to all the competitors from all the nations!

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