Blackjack Resort Ski Area is Back!

Happy New Year everyone!

One of our regular ski trips is to the resort called Blackjack Resort. I like the resort there are no runs too difficult (that does not necessarily mean slow or boring) and most of them are very fun with interesting twists and turns the whole way down the hill. In addition, not all runs are straight down with variation in both terrain and some turns.

Despite a great hill and an awesome bar in the base place, Blackjack did not operate last year and it had the air of a morgue in the previous years, it was in terminal decline. In addition, in terms of art, decor, and themes Blackjack died in the late 1970s you really did feel like you were walking through a time portal. I do not want to rip on the “old school” but there is nothing to say an organization can not incorporate the old into the new when keeping things current. Only the dead & defunct do not change.

Well, Blackjack Resort ski area has undergone a number of changes the first and most important is passing back from death to life and the second is the whole theme & scheme of its imagery is updated. I like the attempts, but it would be real cool to see Blackjack in the new imagery and branding.

Blackjack does not have to play a huge or even starring role but it would be nice to see him somewhere in the new schemes.

I plan on skiing at Blackjack this winter and will report back to you on that trip.

Anyway, speaking of skiing. I’ld better get the plan to ski — skiing!

Good Stuff!

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