The Wisconsin Skier Ski Area Map

Back by popular demand!

Look up on the top of this blog and you will see a new tab entitled The Wi-Ski Map. That page is a map of ski resorts in Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, the UP of Michigan, and Western Michigan.

I noticed a lot of search engine traffic coming to the new Wisconsin Skier looking for the map and so I put that on top of my priority list of restoring. It was an interesting project and caused me to resurrect the old site on my development system. I retrieved the code and imagery from that old site. Of course, I had some tweaking to get it all working. If you are a Facebook friend & follow me on Twitter you probably noticed the activity.

Anyway, I hope it provides you some good utility, clicking on the stars should bring you to the ski resort’s website and I will be verifying those in the very near future.


Good Stuff!

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