Carving it up Like it was a Thanksgiving Day Turkey

What a weekend it was!

Went to the happy ski grounds last Friday. In variance with the usual pattern Friday night I took it easy and went to bed early. Early on Saturday our neighbors came by. I tossed my ski gear into my buddy’s RAV 4 and away we went to Ski Brule.

FYI this report is for Saturday February 6 & Sunday February 7 2010.

Ski Brule was running a car load weekend. That is you show up with a car or a truck and everyone in the truck gets a lift ticket for $60.00. Obviously they know there were crews driving up in multiple cars and consolidating a mile or two from the hill. However, being Super Bowl weekend they need to provide incentives for people to go skiing. We were incented!

How was the snow? GREAT, no ice anywhere on Saturday and a bit on Big Bear on Sunday (again exactly where I have come to expect it). The snow was a touch slow but it was cold with temps bottoming out near 0° F at night and perhaps in the mid to upper teens during the day. Saturday’s weather was fantastic with sunshine.

Saturday’s lift-lines were long, especially the Sunrise chair and the backside chairs. The Bear Chair was not too bad. As far as the rest of the services go, the hospitality was all good. No problems waiting for service or any such.

Sunday was a repeat but with better lift lines and the above noted exposed ice on Big Bear. However that is usually not a big problem just keep to the left or to the right and if crossing the upper portions of Big Bear make sure you do so on your edges.

I can say I found nothing to gripe about!

BTW, Jessica, the bluetooth turned in is definitely mine.

Good Stuff!

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