Midwest Friendly Ski Talk

Is to be found here in a post entitled Three Different Ski Regions to be Aware Of over at SkiSnowboarder dot Com:

2. The Midwest. Most people don’t view the Midwest as skiing country, but cold-weather states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are built for winter sports. Maybe other events like snowmobiling and icefishing are a little more popular, but there are plenty of opportunities to find good winter skiing in the Midwest. The Midwest is also home to some large population centers, so you don’t have to stray too far from large airports to go on a great skiing trip.

You know, I have had a few things to say about this!

We are indeed built for winter sports, after all our Football team’s home field is nicknamed The Frozen Tundra. Obviously, we can not claim the mountains like those found in the Rockies or even the old Eastern US mountain ranges, but in UP of Michigan and in the northern edges of Wisconsin we do have ski resorts where you can get outside and get some turns in.

As I always say, the Midwest may not be a destination for skiers, but for those of living here or visiting for other reasons it is possible to get out and satisfy your need for snowy speed or snowy turns.

Thanks a lot Ski-Snowboarder!

Good Stuff!

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