Why Stay Here?

Why do we stay in Wisconsin? Obviously you all know I am die-hard ski fan, and Wisconsin is in no way a place for skiers to thrive. Why not move to Colorado, Utah, or out to the Eastern ski locations, so mountain skiing is a regular event and not a ever few years event?


It isn’t career or professional, that is for sure. In fact, I bet moving to Colorado would be a great career move too. Not that my professional situation is bad, it isn’t, but it can be improved upon.

I suppose having built a new house may have something to do with it. We are working on completing year #4 in this house and most financial advisers will counsel you should be in a purchased house for five years, plus the current real estate markets may have made that span longer.

Wisconsin? You know, I like Wisconsin’s northern region, we have a place we can go to UpNort in the woods on the water. Apart from that, there is not a whole lot special about WI. I hesitate to go any further down this line as it is an edge catch and veer off into territory I don’t want to talk about in this venue. However, those same factors probably will come bigger to the fore in the states I have in mind.

Family? Yes, that is it. I am fortunate in that I have a tight family and for many of my friends and colleagues I know how rare and precious that is. I do not want to be too far away from my family and the friends I have made.

I have spent six years of my life resident in a nation other than the USA and I know the world has a lot on offer, but my family is here in WI.

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